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Anthony Petruccello III (b. 1995) is a musician from New Jersey. He plays the Guitar, Banjo, is a          vocalist, and composes music as well. He has written music for solo and instrumental ensembles, vocal music, and music for orchestra, and has worked with many musicians of various musical backgrounds. Anthony himself has a varied musical and intellectual background. His deep interests in literature, the visual arts, and other humanistic subjects have profound influences on his music. His musical interests include European Medieval and Renaissance music, Modern and Contemporary Western Classical music, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Indian Classical Music, and Appalachian Folk music. Drawing upon all of these various influences.


As a teacher, Anthony's areas are guitar, banjo, voice, basic keyboard, composition, improvisation, counterpoint, ear training/aural skills, music theory, and music history. The styles of music he teaches include classical, folk, rock, and pop. He has several years of teaching experience, has taught students both young and old, in both private and university classroom settings. Anthony teaches both in person and online.


Anthony holds a B. A. in Music Studies from William Paterson University ('18) and an M. A. in Composition from Rutgers University (’21). At William Paterson Anthony studied composition with Dr. Jeffrey Kresky and Dr. Anton Vishio. At Rutgers he studied with Dr. Steven Kemper, Dr. Scott Ordway, and Dr. Amanda Harberg. Anthony is currently pursuing a PhD in composition at the University of Oregon.

For any inquiries on taking music lessons with Anthony or anything else, please send an email to the address in the contact page.

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